Vertical and horizontal balers, compactors, shredder

Products - Vertical and horizontal balers, compactors, shredder

GALICIER designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of automatic and semi-automatic vertical and horizontal balers, compactors, shredder, conveyor systems, sorting centers and various equipments allowing the treatment of your waste. Our machines are used in different market segments such as industry, supermarkets, malls, etc.

Save time, stay focused on your main activities, our machines take care of your waste.

Discover our vertical and horizontal balers, compactors, shredder

You will find below all the solutions proposed by Galicier to ensure the management of your waste. Whatever the material, whether simple (paper, cardboard, flexible plastic) or complex (PET, aluminum cans), and whatever the volume produced, we have a solution to offer you thanks to our versatile machines.

Indeed, our teams study your project with you to offer you a personalized solution: type of waste, volume, space available for a machine, we advise you taking into account all your constraints.

Our solutions are also adaptable and customizable according to your needs thanks to many options (container lifter, conveyor, cooler and heater for example). That’s why our machines are efficient and used in all types of companies. You can consult our references here, you will find companies from all sectors recognized worldwide.

Do not hesitate to contact us to find together the best solution for your needs.

The advantages offered by our products

+ More productivity thanks to automatic processes

+ Better logistics, internally and externally with lower transport costs and saving floor space

+ Profitability of waste management thanks to the sale of raw materials

+ A preserved working environment thanks to a better hygiene and a better security. In fact, the risk of fire is limited.

  • Semi-automatic vertical presses compact and bale your packaging material

  • presse horizontale Galicier

    The horizontal presses are fully automated and allow a vertical or horizontal bale tying system.

  • Compactors are used to solve installation problems. Suitable for dry, wet and bulky waste.

  • We offer an industrial shredder, the RHINOCEROS, which reduces waste up to 90% in volume and processes various materials.