Compacting know how

Compacting Know-how

Galicier offers you a wide range of compacting machines, vertical, horizontal presses, compactors, shredder, to efficiently manage your waste. Our solutions compact all types of waste, from the simplest (such as paper, cardboard, plastic, etc.) to the most complex (PET, aluminum, etc.), but also variable volumes, depending on your needs.

Our horizontal balers in particular allow us to process a large quantity of material. The high compaction rate of our machines allows you to reduce the volume of your waste by up to 90%. The waste is transformed into clean and compact bales to facilitate transport.

We invite you to discover some examples of results obtained in the tabs above.


All organizations produce waste. Beyond the legislation, having a clear approach to manage it offers various advantages and very often becomes a source of profit. Among these advantages, you can save money thanks to optimized logistics, make the workplace cleaner and safer, save space, convey a positive image to your customers and partners by reducing your impact on the environment.

Compacting also gives added value to your waste

Our solutions promote sorting at source and make waste management profitable by saving money on two levels: in production, but also in the purchase of raw materials. The goal is to reuse materials, which is both economical for the company but also more ecological.

The implementation of waste management in companies

The first step in implementing a waste management approach is to make an inventory of the waste produced by your organization, its types and volumes. This inventory will allow you to check what your legal obligations are for these types of waste and to estimate the amount of their elimination.

Then, you have to implement the necessary actions, a stage from which we are there to support you. From pre-sales advice to after-sales service, Galicier offers you complete solutions.

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