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What are Galicier compactors ?

Our range of waste compactors is divided into several categories, in order to best meet the needs of our customers.

  • Stationary compactors : They are intended for dry waste, DIB and bulky materials such as cardboard and paper. They are developed to manage large volumes and you can load your waste while it’s working.
  • Mobile compactors : They are conceived to be transportable. It takes the same space as a standard compactors but it can deal with 6 times more volume. They are specially adapted to dry and resistant waste from processing industries.
  • We also propose completely automated compactors specially adapted to treat wet waste. Their compaction block is waterproof so the waste is never in contact with the vital components.

Why choose a Galicier compactor ?

  • A wide range of products

Our compactors treat all of your waste, whether it is dry, wet or bulky. Our range meets your expectations.

  • Quality products

In addition, all our models of waste equipments meet CE, AFNOR and INRS standards. We particularly care about the quality of our solutions, that’s why we have the ISO 9001 certification. This allows us to work with the best methods, improve our products and services and thus promote customer satisfaction.

  • A local council

We advise you on the best choice of equipments according to your type of waste, as well as the volume to be treated that this represents. Our sales representatives will ensure a custom installation according to your specifications (type of waste, volumes, available space …)

  • Recovery of your waste

Through all of our compactors, our goal is to optimize transport reducing costs. You can also opt for our vertical balers and our horizontal balers.

What is a Galicier industrial shredder ?

The RHINOCEROS is designed to detroy cardboard, paper, plastic, PET, glasses, etc.

It reduces the volume of industrial waste by up to 90%.