Orca Group acquired by the Scandinavian San Sac Group - News room


Orca Group, the French market leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality horizontal balers, vertical balers and compactors under the brands Sacria, Galicier and Pressor has been acquired by San Sac Group.

San Sac Group is the leading one-stop-shop of waste sorting, containment and compaction products in Scandinavia, and the world leading manufacturer of vertical balers. The group, majority-owned by Accent Equity 2012, was formed through a merger of San Sac, its sister companies and EnviroPac and the subsequent acquisition of Orwak. The group has expanded its international reach by starting up the subsidiary Orwak North America and by acquiring Easi Recycling in the UK, ATS & Service Link in Sweden and Proshop in Russia. In total, after the acquisition of Orca Group, San Sac Group will have approximately 480 employees and a combined turnover of 148 M EUR.

“Strategically, this is an important acquisition for us both, because we add new production capabilities through Orca Group’s two manufacturing facilities and because of Orca Group’s leading position on the large French market. It also opens interesting opportunities worldwide, when we can combine San Sac Group’s international reach with Orca Group’s product portfolio”, states Fredrik Jaginder, CEO of San Sac Group.

“The product range from Orca Group and the vertical balers from Orwak are a strong combination and we can now offer the market a complete product range of internally produced waste compaction equipment. We are looking forward to develop the business together with Mr Bedos and his team”, says Tomas Johansson, Sales & Marketing Director at Orwak.

Tomas and Bedos celebrating The Deal
Tomas Johansson, Orwak, and Jean-François Bedos, Orca Group

The founder and former majority owner of Orca Group, Jean-François Bedos, will continue as Managing Director. Mr Bedos comments:

“I am proud and very happy for Orca Group, a business that I have built up over more than 50 years, to become part of San Sac Group. I am inspired to work with them to explore new opportunities and expand the business internationally further.”

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